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The Streetwise Subbie,

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The Streetwise Subbie,

Jack Russell

ISBN 075068061X
Pages 200

Jack Russell, well known for his 'contractual terrier' column in the Electrical Times, shares a lifetime's experience of the construction industry, with a style and insight that speaks directly to electrical and mechanical subcontractors.

Thousands of subbies have already benefitted from these insights: the streetwise approach to claims avoidance through the implementation and maintenance of basic routines on site, and clear paperwork including the contract and the programme of works.

Instead of writing another daunting handbook, Jack Russell's insights are captured in brief, crisp, humorous articles, complemented by a series of cartoons. The text is supported by forms and checklists that have already made it onto site cabin walls around the country.

The third edition features new chapters, including coverage of the New Engineering Contract (NEC3) and several new checklists.

Preface Worth the risk? Deadly intent Read that order Beware “starting the clock???A programme check list Don’t be shy ???get noticed! Why work for free? Site records and survival Records and codes A site diary check list What makes a good delay notice? Get the picture? Bang it in, bill Just a minute The twilight zone Out of sync! All on board Adverse reactions Little tin gods “best endeavours???or “acceleration??? Acceleration ???the true costs The alligator problem Check ups and check lists Cash flow ???everybody’s problem Payment problems Valuation of variations ???change of character/conditions Valuation of variations ???check list of possible factors changing character/conditions Variations ???the true costs of engineering and supervision involvement Variations ???a check list of engineering and supervisory involvement Are your systems user-friendly? Claims and confrontation Extension of time Claim for delay costs Head office headaches Disruption claims Questions and answers on loss and expense Set-off and contras Introduction to the construction act Payment under the construction act Adjudication under the act Tricks and dodges of the construction act The act ???some questions and answers. Dom/1 and the act Brave new world or con trick? New engineering contract ???an introduction Delay and disruption protocol ???a summary Real life problems A question of image Magic moments What is normal? Provisional sums Premature occupation The bedford lorry syndrome Get it in the budget! Stand by your man Falling in love Conclusion The streetwise subbie’s site check list Jack Russell’s monthly check-up Good and bad correspondence/notices Examples of site records