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Analog Circuit Techniques

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Analog Circuit Techniques

Trevor Wilmshurst

ISBN 075065094X
Pages 320

This book uses an analytical approach, backed up with numerous experimental exercises and worked examples. It is designed to deliver the core content of a three year degree course in a single volume, which makes it an ideal core adoption text, and an essential reference text for a wide range of students

A comprehensive analog electronics text for first degrees and conversion courses

Dr Wilmshurst has drawn on his experience running an MSc conversion and other courses to produce this single volume text which covers all the analog electronics needed in a wide range of higher education programmes: first degrees in electronic engineering, experimental science courses, MSc electronics and electronics units for HNDs.
The chapter on audio amplifiers includes an invaluable example of the application of SPICE simulation.

Basic Circuit Techniques; Operational Amplifier Circuits: Basic, Limitations, Switching Circuits, Current Feedback Type; Semiconductor Diode and Power Supplies; MOS-Based Common-Source, Source-Follower, Common-Gate, Cascode, LTP and Switch; Corresponding Bipolar Transistor and JFET Based Circuits; MOS-Based Operational Amplifiers; Band-Gap Voltage Reference; Thyristor (SCR); Single-Section Passive RC Filters; Simple LC-Resonator Based Filters; Active RC Filters; Piezo-Electric and SAW Filters; Modulator and Demodulator Applications; Long-Tailed Pair Modulator; Gilbert Cell; RF Amplifiers and Frequency Changers; Noise; Interference and its Prevention (EMC); Phase-Locked Loop and Oscillators; Digital-To-Analog and Analog-To-Digital Conversion including Oversampling Types; SPICE and the Audio Power Amplifier; Transmission-Lines including application to Digital Circuit Design; Transmission-Line Transformers; S-Parameters and the Smith Chart; Electrostatic Microphones; Optoelectronics including Fiber-Optic Data Link