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Aircraft Performance: Theory and Practice

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Aircraft Performance: Theory and Practice

Martin E. Eshelby

ISBN 034075897X
Pages 352

Aircraft performance is one of the key aspects of the aircraft industry. Starting with the consideration that performance theory is the defining factor in aircraft design, the author then covers the measurement of performance for the certification, management and operation of aircraft. This practical book discusses performance measures which relate to airworthiness certificates (a legal requirement), as well as those needed when compiling the aircraft performance manual for the aircraft. In addition, operational performance is covered, including the financial considerations required by airlines to ensure maximisation of commercial return.

* Available in North and South America from the AIAA, 1801 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 500, Reston, VA 20191, USA

An introduction to the performance of fixed wing aircraft The atmosphere and air data measurement The force system of the aircraft and the equations of motion Cruising performance Climb and descent performance Take-off and landing performance Aircraft manoeuvre performance Aircraft performance measurement and data handling Scheduled performance The application of performance Performance examples Appendices.