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Knowledge-Based Systems (4 Volume Set)

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Knowledge-Based Systems (4 Volume Set)

Cornelius Leondes

ISBN 012443875X
Pages 1449

The design of knowledge systems is finding myriad applications from corporate databases to general decision support in areas as diverse as engineering, manufacturing and other industrial processes, medicine, business, and economics. In engineering, for example, knowledge bases can be utilized for reliable electric power system operation. In medicine they support complex diagnoses, while in business they inform the process of strategic planning. Programmed securities trading and the defeat of chess champion Kasparov by IBM's Big Blue are two familiar examples of dedicated knowledge bases in combination with an expert system for decision-making.
With volumes covering 'Implementation,' 'Optimization,' 'Computer Techniques,' and 'Systems and Applications,' this comprehensive set constitutes a unique reference source for students, practitioners, and researchers in computer science, engineering, and the broad range of applications areas for knowledge-based systems.

Over 40 Articles Including: Geometric Knowledge-Based Systems Framework For Structural Image Analysis and Postprocessing. A Universal Representation Paradigm for Knowledge-Based Structuring Methods. Database Systems Techniques and Tools in Automatic Knowledge Acquisition for Rule-Based Expert Systems. Geometric Knowledge-Based Systems Framework for Stereo Image Matching. Datamining and Deductive Databases. Knowledge Processing in Control Systems. Using Domain Knowledge in Knowledge Discovery: An Optimization Perspective. Dynamic Structuring of Computer Control Systems. Dynamic Construction of Knowledge-Based Systems. Petri Nets in Knowledge Verification and Validation of Rule-Based Expert Systems. Assembling Techniques for Building Knowledge-Based Systems. Self Learning Knowledge Systems and Fuzzy Systems and Their Applications. Knowledge-Based Hybrid Techniques Combined with Simulation and Their Application to Robust Manfacturing Systems. Performance Evaluation and Tuning of UNIX Based Software Systems. Case-Based Reasoning. Discrete Time Control Systems. Design Knowledge Development Techniques and Applications in Productivity Enhancement in Concurrent Systems Design. Expert Systems in Power Systems Control. A Knowledge Modeling Technique for Construction of Knowledge and Databases in Industrial Applications. The Representation of Positional Information. Development of VLSI Systems. Expert Systems in Foundry System Operations. The Integration and Visualization of Assembly Sequences in Manufacturing Systems. Knowledge-Based Decision Support Systems.