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R. Triboulet, P. Capper, G. Müller-Vogt

ISBN 0080436056
Pages 760

The papers collected in these Proceedings were presented at the Symposium on Growth, Characterisation and Applications of Bulk II–VIs held at the Congress Center of Strasbourg on June 16-18 1998 in the framework of the E-MRS Spring Meeting dedicated to Advanced Materials.

More than 80 scientists from 14 countries attended this two and a half day symposium which discussed problems dealing with the growth, characterisation and applications of bulk II–VI materials, mainly of the two key semiconductors CdTe and ZnSe.

The symposium was divided into several sessions covering the following topics: growth of CdTe, growth of other wide-gap compounds, narrow-gap compounds, doping, defects and diffusion, nuclear detection and solar cells/photorefractivity. It consisted of a series of invited lectures (8), shorter oral communications (25) and a poster session (33).

Section headings and selected papers: Preface. CdTe/CdZnTe Growth. Pre-transition phenomena in CdTe near the melting point (L. Shcherbak). Heat transfer simulation in a vertical Bridgman CdTe growth configuration (C. Martinez-Tomas et al .). Wide Gaps Growth. In Situ observation of twin formation during the growth of ZnSe single crystals from the vapor phase (E. Schönherr, M. Freiberg). High temperature electrical conductivity in the phase transition region (K. Lott, T. Nirk). Preparation of (0 0 1) ZnSe surfaces for homoepitaxy (S. Storm et al .). Narrow Gaps Growth. Laser emission in HgCdTe in the 2–3.5 &mgr;m range (J. Bleuse et al .). Can percolation control doping, diffusion and phase segregation occur in (Hg,Cd)Te? (D. Cahen et al .). Doping, Defects & Diffusion. Investigations on the effect of contacts on p-type CdTe DLTS-measurements (K. Scholz et al .). IV group dopant compensation effect in CdTe (O. Panchuk et al .). Substrate/Layer Relationship. Substrate/layer relationships in II–VIs (S.J.C. Irvine et al .). Improvement of CdTe substrate quality by acoustic treatment (M. Lisiansky et al .). Nuclear Detection. Influence of deep levels on CdZnTe nuclear detectors (A. Zerrai et al .). Photo and x-ray sensitive heterostructures based on cadmium telluride (R. Ciach et al .). Semimagnetics. Magneto-optical studies of quaternary diluted magnetic semiconductors (L. Bryja et al .). Investigation of properties of porous silicon embedded with ZnSe and CdSe (A.I. Belogorokhov et al .). Solar Cells & Photorefractivity. State-of-the-art and prospects of photorefractive CdTe (Y. Marfaing). Materials aspects of CdTe/CdS solar cells (K. Durose et al .).