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Advances in Heat Transfer Volume 21

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Advances in Heat Transfer Volume 21

James Hartnett, Thomas Irvine, Young Cho

ISBN 012020021X
Pages 346

This volume in a series on heat transfer covers the modelling of the dynamics of turbulent transport processes, supercritical pressures, hydrodynamics, mass transfer near rotating surfaces, lost heat in entropy and the mechanics of heat transfer in a multifluid bubbling pool. Other related titles are 'Advances in Heat Transfer', volumes 18, 19 and 20.

B.A. Kolovandin, Modeling the Dynamics of Turbulent Transport Processes. A.F. Polyakov, Heat Transfer under Supercritical Pressures. D.M. Maron and S. Cohen, Hydrodynamics and Heat/Mass Transfer near Rotating Surfaces. I. TanaCUMENT.v.69.51