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J. Kocijan, R. Karba

ISBN 008042600X
Pages 320

The Sixth International IFAC Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Control was held in Slovenia in 1995 and provided a forum for leading researchers and practitioners in this field to exchange ideas and results.

This postprint volume from the workshop contains all the papers presented there and features five plenary lectures by distinguished control/artificial intelligence scientists. The approaches covered in the papers include fuzzy control, artifical neural networks, expert systems and machine learning whilst the Technical Programme highlights a vareity of methods from artifical intelligence fields applied for control problems.

Chapter headings and selected papers: Invited Paper . New developments using AI in fault diagnosis (P.M. Frank, B. Koppen-Seliger). Supervisory Control and Fault Detection . On-line fault diagnosis: an approach combining deduction systems and petri nets (Y. Wang). Invited Paper . Recent advances in fuzzy modeling and control (R. Babuska, H.B. Verbruggen). Fuzzy Modelling and Control . Collective behaviour of cellular fuzzy systems for a new paradigm of computation (S. Baglio et al .). Poster Session . Adaptive-structure discrete event dynamic systems (A. Calinescu). Invited Paper . Transfer of control skill by machine learning (I. Bratko, T. Urbancic). Expert Systems and Machine Learning in Real-Time Control . Medical image understanding system (T. Zrimec, C. Sammut). Invited Paper . AI in the feedback loop: a survey of alternative approaches (K.-E. Arzen). Intelligent Control Systems . Real-time expert systems for flight control (A.V. Jones et al .). Material Process Design and Control . Neural networks for bespoke control (T. Samad). Invited Paper . Application of RBFNN to optimal self-control (I. Grabec). Artificial Neural Networks for Identification and Control . Neural and fuzzy approaches to vision-based parking control (W.A. Daxwanger, G.K. Schmidt). Expert Systems and Machine Learning in Real-Time Control . Static stability analysis method for fuzzy rule-chaining real-time systems (B. Zupan et al .). Author Index.