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C. Craver, C. Carraher

ISBN 0080434177
Pages 1088

The 75th Anniversary Celebration of the Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering of the American Chemical Society, in 1999 sparked this third edition of Applied Polymer Science with emphasis on the developments of the last few years and a serious look at the challenges and expectations of the 21st Century.

This book is divided into six sections, each with an Associate Editor responsible for the contents with the group of Associate Editors acting as a board to interweave and interconnect various topics and to insure complete coverage. These areas represent both traditional areas and emerging areas, but always with coverage that is timely. The areas and associated chapters represent vistas where PMSE and its members have made and are continuing to make vital contributions. The authors are leaders in their fields and have graciously donated their efforts to encourage the scientists of the next 75 years to further contribute to the well being of the society in which we all live.

Synthesis, characterization, and application are three of the legs that hold up a steady table. The fourth is creativity. Each of the three strong legs are present in this book with creativity present as the authors were asked to look forward in predicting areas in need of work and potential applications. The book begins with an introductory history chapter introducing readers to PMSE. The second chapter introduces the very basic science, terms and concepts critical to polymer science and technology. Sections two, three and four focus on application areas emphasizing emerging trends and applications. Section five emphasizes the essential areas of characterization. Section six contains chapters focusing of the synthesis of the materials.

Preface. Editors. Past Chairs. Introduction. (Section Editor-C.E. Carraher, Jr.). History of the American Chemical Society Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering (C.D. Craver et al. ). Introduction to Polymer Science and Technology (C.E. Carraher, Jr.). Polymer Nomenclature (L.H. Sperling et al. ). Polymer Education (J. Droske et al. ). Polymer Science and Technology. (Section Editor-D.J. Lohse). Polymer Chain Configurations: Measurement and Applications (L.J. Fetters). Polyolefins (D.J. Lohse). Styrene Polymers and Copolymers (M. Demirors). Poly(vinyl chloride)(A.W. Coaker). Plasticizers (A.D. Godwin). Engineering Thermoplastics (E.N. Peters, R.K. Arisman). Thermosetting Plastics (R.A. Pearson). Thermoset Elastomers (J.E. Mark). Thermoplastic Elastomers and Their Applications (G. Holden). Fibers (L. Rebenfeld). Adhesive and Sealant Chemistry (L.-H. Lee). Industrially Important Polysaccharides (E.M. Partain, III). Electrically Conducting Polymers (A.O. Patil). History and Development of Polymer Blends and IPNS (L.H. Sperling). Polymer Processing (M. Xanthos). Fire and Polymers (G.L. Nelson). Epoxy Resins (J.L. Massingill, Jr., R.S. Bauer). Developments in the Commercialization of Water-Soluble Polymers (J.E. Glass). Coatings (Section Editors-K.N. Edwards, H. Mislang). History of Coatings (K.N. Edwards, H.B. Mislang). High Performance Industrial Coatings (T.M. Santosusso). Advances in Alkyd Resins (R.C. Williams). White Pigments-Revisited (J.H. Braun, J.G. Dickerson). Colored Organic Pigments (P.A. Lewis). Solvents in Today's Coatings (R.L. Stout). Rheology and Coating Flows (R.R. Eley). Water-Borne Coatings (P.T. Elliott, J.E. Glass). New Materials (Section Editors-E. Reichmanis, M. Jaffe). New Materials for the 21st Century (Michael Jaffe et al. ). Polymer Materials for Microelectronics Imaging Applications (E. Reichmanis, O. Nalamasu) Polymers for Electronic Packaging in the 21st Century (C.P. Wong, R. Tummala). Organometallic and Metal-Containing Organic Polymers-An Overview (J.E. Sheats et al. ). Spectroscopic and Physical Characterization (Section Editor-C.D. Craver). Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy of Polymers (V.G. Gregoriou). Raman Spectroscopy of Polymers (R.A. Larsen). NMR Characterization of Polymers (P.A. Mirau). Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Polymers (C.L. Wilkins). Polymer Characterization by Fluorescence Spectroscopy (H. Hofstraat). Physical Characterization of Polymeric Materials (C.E. Carraher, Jr.). Challenges in Particle Size Distribution Measurement-Past, Present and for the 21 st Century (T.Provder). The Thermal Analysis of Polymers (E.F. Myer III). Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Polymers (L.W. Hill). Polymerization and Polymerization Mechanisms (Section Editor-D. Schulz). Free Radical Polymerization (K. Matyjaszewski, S.G. Gaynor). Step-Growth Polymerization (T.E. Long and S. R. Turner). Ionic Polymerization (R. Faust, H. Schlaad). An Overview of Transition Metal-Mediated Polymerizations: Catalysts for the 21 st Century (L. S. Boffa). Author index. Subject index.