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Biomaterials, artificial organs and tissue engineering

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Biomaterials, artificial organs and tissue engineering

Edited by L Hench, J Jones

ISBN 1 85573 737 X
Pages 308

Biomaterials are materials and devices that are used to repair, replace or augment the living tissues and organs of the human body. The purpose of this wide-ranging introductory textbook is to provide an understanding of the needs, uses and limitations of materials used in the human body, to explain the biomechanical principles and biological factors involved in achieving the long-term stability of replacement parts in the body. The book examines the industrial, governmental and ethical factors involved in the use of artificial materials in humans and discuss the principles and applications of engineering of tissues to replace body parts.The approach necessarily incorporates a wide range of reference material because of the complex multidisciplinary nature of the fields of biomedical materials, biomechanics, artificial organs and tissue engineering. There is an accompanying CD-ROM providing supplementary information and illustrations to support the book.

Part 1 Introduction to materials (living and non-living): Metals; Ceramics; Polymers; Biocomposites; Cells and tissues; Inflammation and wound healing. Part 2 Clinical needs and concepts of repair: The skeletal system; The cardiovascular system; Biomedical polymers; Biomedical hydrogels. Part 3 Applications: Repair of skeletal tissues; Joint replacement; Artificial organs; Mass transport processes in artificial organs; Artificial exchange systems; Cardiovascular assist systems. Part 4 Tissue engineering: Introduction to tissue engineering; Scaffolds for tissue engineering; A guide to basic cell culture and applications in biomaterials and tissue engineering; Immunochemical techniques in tissue engineering and biomaterial science; Clinical applications of tissue engineering. Part 5 Societal, regulatory and ethical issues: Regulatory classification of biomaterials and medical devices; Technology transfer; Ethical issues.