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Nokia Network Security Solutions Handbook

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Nokia Network Security Solutions Handbook


ISBN 1931836701
Pages 560

The Nokia Network Security Solutions Handbook introduces readers to both the basics and the finer points of administering, configuring, and securing the Nokia IP-series hardware appliances. It introduces readers to the different hardware models and covers the features associated with each. Installation and setup are covered in detail, as well as installation and configuration of the Check Point firewall on the Nokia system.

Readers will learn basic system administration, security, and monitoring before moving into advanced system administration concepts, as well as learning how to use Nokia's command line interface. Routing configurations and the different protocols involved are covered in detail, finishing off with a comprehensive discussion of the High-availability configuration that is Nokia's strength. The appendices include coverage of the UNIX basics which lie at the heart of the IPSO operating system and a review of the other packages available for Nokia systems (such as Perl and Bash).

Chapter 1: Overview of Nokia Hardware Chapter 2: Overview of Nokia IPSO Operating System Chapter 3: Initial Configuration Chapter 4: Introduction to the Voyager Web Interface Chapter 5: Firewall Installation Chapter 6: Basic System Administration Chapter 7: System Monitoring Chapter 8: Advanced System Administration Chapter 9: Command-line usage Chapter 10: Advanced Routing Configuration Chapter 11 High Availability Configuration Appendix A: UNIX Basics Appendix B: Additional Nokia Packages