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Aggressive Network Self-Defense ,

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Aggressive Network Self-Defense ,

Neil Wyler

ISBN 1931836205
Pages 383

Over the past year there has been a shift within the computer security world away from passive, reactive defense towards more aggressive, proactive countermeasures. Although such tactics are extremely controversial, many security professionals are reaching into the dark side of their tool box to identify, target, and suppress their adversaries. This book will provide a detailed analysis of the most timely and dangerous attack vectors targeted at operating systems, applications, and critical infrastructure and the cutting-edge counter-measures used to nullify the actions of an attacking, criminal hacker.

Introduction: What's in a hat? Chapter 1: Is it Legal to Strike Back? Chapter 2: Automated Strike Back Worms Chapter 3: Targeting an Attacking Host Chapter 4: Aggressive Intrusion Prevention Systems Chapter 5: Honey Pots and Honey Nets Chapter 6: Windows Insecurity: Shattering the Glass. Chapter 7: Disinformation Campaigns Chapter 8: Cyber Terrorism and Counter Intelligence Chapter 9: Know Your Enemy: Social Engineering Chapter 10: Google This! Chapter 11: When Enough is Enough