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Programming Microcontrollers in C 2E

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Programming Microcontrollers in C 2E

Ted Van Sickle

ISBN 1878707574
Pages 414

Ted Van Sickle spent over fifteen years at Motorola as a microcontroller specialist. He now consults and teaches classes on software design and programming for microcontroller systems. He holds a MSEE from the University of Michigan.

Preface;INTRODUCTION TO C: names; data types; storage classes; arrays; operators and expressions; program flow and control; functions; recursion; ADVANCED C TOPICS: pointers; multidimensional arrays; structures; input and output; memory management; WHAT ARE MICROCONTROLLERS?: microcontroller memory; input/output; programming microcontrollers; coding tips; SMALL 8-BIT SYSTEMS: memory; timers; analogue to digital conversion; pulse width modulation; LARGE 8-BIT SYSTEMS: header files; sorting programs; data compression; timer operations ; LARGE MICROCONTROLLERS: system integration modules; pulse width modulation; COSMIC (MC 68HC16) compiler; table look-up; digital signal processor operations; ADVANCED TOPICS IN PROGRAMMING EMBEDDED SYSTEMS: numeric encoding; numeric decoding; monitor programs; SAVEIT() routines; printout() and printafter() functions; input/output functions; MCORE, A RISC MACHINE: delay routines; serial input/output; interrupt handling; keyboard/clock integration; displays; Index