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A Practical Approach to Water Conserv. for Comm. & Ind. Fac.

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A Practical Approach to Water Conserv. for Comm. & Ind. Fac.

Mohan Seneviratne

ISBN 1856174891
Pages 256

Industry and commerce use vast amounts of water and in some parts of the world water is becoming a scarce commodity. We need to take more care in our future use of water, and this book is a 'best practice' manual for industrial and commercial users world-wide. It offers a practical account of the measures which can be taken to re-educate industrial and commercial users in the techniques of water saving and re-use anywhere in the world. The principles are covered in detail and supported by examples from specific industries and commercial operations. Author Mohan Seneviratne is Manager of Sydney Water's 'Every Drop Counts Business Program', which won the prestigious 2006 Stockholm Industry Water Award in recognition of how the utility is working in partnership with business, industry and government to help ensure the long-term sustainability of Sydney’s water supply.

1. Why conserve water 2. Water usage breakdown by industry sector. 3. Water supply sources 4. Basic Water Chemistry 5. Flow measurement and monitoring 6. Cooling towers and alternatives 7. Water and energy conservation in steam systems 8. Water re-use technologies 9. Key steps in a holistic water management plan 10. Hospitality: Hotels, Clubs, Pubs and Stand-alone Restaurants 11. Coomercial property: Office buildings and shopping malls 12. Educational facilities: universities and schools 13. Hospitals 14. Military facilities 15. Commercial laundries 16. Petrochemical plants and oil refineries 17. Food industry: chicken processing, dairy, oils and fat, cereals 18. Concrete manufacture 19. Metal processing plants 20. Textile processing 21. Paper mills, MDF plants and printers 22. Employee awareness 23. Check lists 24. Financila justification of water conservation projects