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D.F.García Nocetti, J.Solano González, P.Acevedo Contla, P.J. Fleming

ISBN 0080432352
Pages 262

The 5th IFAC Workshop on Algorithms and Architectures for Real-Time Control (AARTC '98) was organized under the auspices of the IFAC Technical Committee. This Committee is concerned with the use of emerging software and hardware developments in real-time control.

The AARTC '98 Technical Programme consisted of seventeen sessions, covering major areas of software, hardware and applications for real-time control, namely robotics, modeling and control, software design tools and methodologies, industrial process control and manufacturing systems, parallel and distributed systems, non-linear control systems, neural networks, parallel and distributed algorithms for real-time signal processing and control, transport applications, algorithms, fault tolerant systems and fuzzy control.

The contributions were selected from a large number of high-quality full draft papers and late breaking paper contributions presenting very recent research work.

Selected chapter headings and selected papers: Keynote Paper I. Hardware-in-the-loop simulation for the design and testing of engine-control systems (R. Isermann et al. ). Robotics I. Decentralized implementation of real-time systems using time petri nets. Application to mobile robot control (F.J. García, J.L. Villarroel). Modeling and Control I. A multiple model extension to the bootstrap filter for manoeuvring targets (S. McGinnity, G. Irwin). Software Design Tools and Methodologies I. A graph-based method to translate relay ladder logic diagrams (J.L. Azevedo, J.P. Estima de Oliveira). Industrial Process Control and Manufacturing Systems. A proposal to increase the flexibility of manufacturing cell controllers (J. Sánchez, M. Quintana). Parallel and Distributed Systems. Simulation of distributed fault tolerant hetergeneous architectures for real-time control (H. Benitez-Perez et al. ). Non-Linear Control Systems. Towards real-time, non-linear quadratic optimal regulation (R.F. Harrison, S.P. Banks). Neural Networks. Neurointerfaces for human-machine real time interaction (B. Widrow et al. ). Parallel and Distributed Algorithms for Real-Time Signal Processing and Control. High-performance real-time implementation of a spectral estimator (M.M. Madeira et al. ). Transport Applications. Algorithm of calculating the maximum permissible speed of traffic (E. Gavrilov, N. Zhemchugov). Algorithms. On-line genetic auto-tuning of PID controllers for an active magnetic bearing application (P. Schroder et al. ). Keynote Paper II. Adaptive inverse control based on nonlinear adaptive filtering (B. Widrow et al. ). Fault Tolerant Systems. Biologically inspired real-time reconfiguration technique for processor arrays (C. Ortega, A. Tyrrell). Author index.