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A - Z of Powder Metallurgy

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A - Z of Powder Metallurgy

Randall German

ISBN 1856174298

The A-Z of Powder Metallurgy is a comprehensive, easy-to-use desk reference, which can be consulted endlessly for quick and authoritative answers - an essential resource for manufacturers, specifiers, end-users and research workers of powdered metals.

Metal Powders are being used with increasing frequency in the manufacture of diverse objects, such as watch-cases and piston connecting-rods. Metal properties, techniques for their use and the quality of the objects made are only part of this complex industry which is growing year-on-year. This volume provides a reference source defining terms, explaining processes and illustrating equipment, giving a thorough overview of the industry as a whole.

With this book on your desk, you will???BR>1. Have instant access to definitions, properties and data on powder metallurgy, ensuring you always have accurate information to hand
2. Be able to write with authority for customers and publications
3. Save time, money and effort by researching metal powders properties, processes and the industry as a whole

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