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G. Rizzoni, V. Utkin

ISBN 0080432263
Pages 262

This volume contains the Proceedings of the 2nd IFAC Workshop on Advances in Automotive Control, the theme of which was control of automotive systems.
Eighty delegates participated in the Workshop, presenting a total of thirty-nine papers. Several technical demonstrations were available on-site. Two plenary lectures presented by industry experts opened each of the two full days of the Workshop, which was capped by a panel discussion with industry and university participants.

These Proceedings comprise high quality technical papers on five distinct subjects: control of vehicle systems; control of intelligent transportation systems; control of hybrid-electric powertrains; powertrain modeling and estimation; and powertrain control.

Chapter headings and selected papers: Control of Vehicle Systems. Elimination of limit cycles due to signal estimation in semi-active suspensions (A. Hac, A.V. Fratini Jr.). Estimation of nonlinear tire forces and road friction for modeling and control (L.R. Ray). Neuro-fuzzy approach to real time total velocity vector estimation of a passenger car covering critical situations (A. Porcel et al. ). Control of Intelligent Transportation Systems. Design and implementation of a fault management system for longitudinal control of automated vehicles (R. Rajamani et al. ). Changing lanes on automated highways with look-down reference systems (H-S. Tan et al. ). Road prediction for intelligent vehicles using video (F.J.J. Hermans, R. Conlong). Control of Hybrid Powertrains. Optimal operation strategies for hybrid power-trains (L. Guzzella et al. ). Adaptive energy management for a series hybrid vehicle (P. Wältermann). Intelligent control of the Ohio State University hybrid-electric vehicle (B. Baumann et al. ). Powertrain Modeling and Estimation. A plant modeling process for practical control system design (P.J. Maloney). Dynamic model of the intake dynamics of a SI engine including internal EGR and fuel film effects (P.M. Azzoni et al. ). Driveline modelling for robust control design: achieving optimal speed perfomance with diesel fuel injection systems (O. Hulot et al. ). Powertrain Control. New tools for engine control systems development (R.K. Stobart et al. ). Direct fuzzy control of idle speed in an internal combustion engine (J. Wills et al. ). Transmission shift controller design based on a dynamic model of transmission response (Q. Zheng et al. ). Author index.