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Kismet Hacking ,

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Kismet Hacking ,

Frank Thornton

ISBN 1597491179
Pages 400

Introduction / Design structure. This chapter tells how Kismet functions as well as background information on the design of the different models. 2. Basic Install Covers the installation process, and selection of various wireless cards and other equipment such as GPS receivers and antennas. 3. Basic Menus Details on the main menus for operating Kismet. 4. Server .conf file configuration Configuration of the Server portion of the program. 5. Client .conf file configuration Configuration of the Client and User Interface section of the application. 6. Advanced configuration Tweaking and complex uses for cutting edge users 7. Drones Setting up Drone Kismet servers as for remote operations 8. IDS setup How to combine Drones into an advanced Wireless Intrusion Detection System 9. GPSmap Making Kismet plot where itís been, and provide advances maps and diagrams