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W.H. Kwon, S. Won

ISBN 0080430295
Pages 252

The IFAC International Workshop on Automation in the Steel Industry: Current Practice and Future Development (ASI'97) was held in Kyongju, Korea from 16th to 18th July 1997, with the Steel Processing Automation Research Center (SPARC) serving as the official host. The objective of the workshop was to bring together engineers and scientists with expertise in applying modern control theories and techniques to industrial problems, particularly those involved in the steel industry.

These proceedings present papers covering various processes in the steel industry, such as cold rolling, hot stripping, continuous casting, sintering, tube making and welding. New technologies with a strong potential for application to the steel industry, such as fuzzy control, AI techniques, neural networks, robust control, predictive control, and instrumentation and measurement are also covered.

Chapter headings and selected papers: Plenary Papers. Some issues in AI techniques in RT process control (P. Albertos et al. ). Advanced control applications in the steel industry (G.C. Goodwin, R.H. Middleton). Predictive optimal control of hot strip finishing mills (M.J. Grimble, M.R. Katebi). Tutorial Papers. Discrete-event simulation for manufacturing systems (N. Mort). Technical Papers. Fuzzy adaptive control of the hydraulic bending rolls (Qiao Jun-Fei et al. ). Application of neural network to supervisory control of reheating furnace in steel industry (Young Il Kim et al. ). A fuzzy leakage alarm method of liquid steel (Ge Guo et al. ). An application of image processing method for position control of pusher car in coke plant (I.S. Choi, J.H. Jeon). General purpose control system for steel making process control using VME bus based system and OS-9 windows (Je-Young You et al. ). On the control of silicon ratio in ferrosilicon production (H.T. Ingason, G.R. Jonsson). On the design of self-tuning controller using generalized predictive control (Kang Sup Yoon, Man Hyung Lee). Modelling a hot steel mill complex using connecting graph paradigm (Y.Y. Yang et al. ). A 14-CPU distributed automatic gauge control system for a hot strip mill (Ho-Hoon Lee). Control of a double side shear (L.M. Pedersen, C.S. Villadsen). Intelligent compound control of direct current electric arc furnace (Xianwen Gao et al. ). Development of heavy load handling robot and its electric-pneumatic driving mechanism (S.D. Park et al. ). Interaction measure of interstand tension and thickness control in tandem cold rolling based on the structured singular value (K. Asano, M. Morari). Mold level control in continuous caster via nonlinear control technique (Yeongseob Kueon, Seung-Yeol Yoo). H ∞ speed controller design for hot rolling mill drives (Jong Hae Kim et al. ). A mathematical model of the heat loss of steel in a metallurgical ladle (T.P. Fredman et al. ). On-line process modeling and optimisation for a 20 high cold rolling mill (A. Schneider et al. ). The slab accelerating cooling system control model and its application study (Shouping Guan et al. ). Statistical methodology in prediction of car body sheet demand (B. Filipowicz et al. ). Design study for continuous caster tundish weight control and ladle steel flow estimate (R.A. Cockerell et al. ). Author index.