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Robert Brunner

ISBN 1558608362
Pages 179

JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a technology for building dynamic web applications that can access databases and provide an interactive experience for users. It's a powerful technology with open source implementations (server and platform independent) for building enterprise Web applications. With JSP, existing business systems can be leveraged with minimal overhead, maintenance, and support. JSP: Practical Guide for Java Programmers is designed to cover the essentials of JSP including the basic JSP constructs and the relevant implicit objects as well as more advanced concepts such as incorporating JavaBeans, developing custom tags, utilizing the JSP expression language, building with the JSP Standard Tag Library, and developing complete JSP-Servlet application. Throughout the book, an electronic bank Web application is used to introduce new concepts, while demonstrating to the reader how the pieces fit together.

Chapter 1 Web Applications Chapter 2 Introduction to JSPs Chapter 3 JavaBeans and Forms Chapter 4 Custom Actions Chapter 5 Expression Language Chapter 6 Standard Actions Chapter 7 Build a Web Application