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IT Manager's Handbook

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IT Manager's Handbook

Bill Holtsnider, Brian Jaffe

ISBN 1558606467
Pages 337


Are you one of many new IT managers with limited managerial experience? Are you a technician or programmer contemplating a move into IT management? Or, has your technical position evolved to include significant management responsibilities?

The IT Manager's Handbook provides essential information to help you manage your new responsibilities. This unique book provides a guide to help you create budgets, manage projects, evaluate technology and hire and motivate personnel. The authors provide sound advice to equip you with an overall, winning strategy for success.

Preface Chapter 1. What is an IT Manager? 1.01 Just What Does An IT Manager Do? 1.02 What is all this about the new strategic value of IT? 1.03 Why are IT Managers so critical now? 1.04 Further References Chapter 2. Staffing Your IT Team 2.01 Hiring. Why Do I Need to do this? 2.02 Hiring: How do I write a position description? 2.03 Recruiter: Should I use one? 2.04 Interviewing Candidates: How can I do this well? 2.05 Making an Offer: How do I know how much to offer for an IT position? 2.06 Career Paths: What are current career paths for myself and my employees? 2.07 Further References Chapter 3. Managing Your IT Team 3.01 Tasks: How do I keep my employees focused on the right ones? 3.02 Burn-out: How do I help my employees avoid it? 3.03 Training: How do I know when my employee's need it? 3.04 Performance Reviews: How do I conduct useful and meaningful reviews? 3.05 Strategy: Develop an IT strategy 3.06 Tactics: How do I keep my department central to the company's operations? 3.07 Further References Chapter 4. User Support Services 4.01 Help Desk: How do I set one up? 4.02 Help Desk: How do I staff one? 4.03 Service Level Agreements: What are they? and How do I define them? 4.04 Training: How do I arrange for user training? 4.05 Call Tracking: How do I select a Call Tracking package? 4.06 Further References Chapter 5. Managing Projects 5.01 Initiating Projects: How Do I Get Started? 5.02 Setting up a Project Team 5.03 Productive Project Meetings 5.04 Funding Projects 5.05 Keeping Track Of Your Project 5.06 Further References Chapter 6. Budgeting 6.01 Budgeting: What are the key items in a budget? 6.02 Budgeting: How Does The Process Work? 6.03 Capital vs. Expense items: What is the difference? 6.04 Lease Vs Buy: Which one is better? 6.05 Budgeting: What are some Key Factors I should consider? 6.06 Further References Chapter 7. IT Infrastructure Fundamentals 7.01 Inventory: Where do I start? 7.02 Users: How do I find out who they are? And why is this important? 7.03 Downtime: How do I estimate, schedule, and announce it? 7.04 Testing: How do I test new software versions? 7.05 Testing: How do I test on a production system? 7.06 Testing: How do I create a test environment? 7.07 Legacy systems: How do I manage these? 7.08 TCO and Asset Management: What are they? 7.09 Further References Chapter 8. Hardware 8.01 How do I get current information on functionality? On pricing? 8.02 How do I evaluate products? 8.03 How do I evaluate vendors? 8.04 What are the issues involved in buying desktop computers? 8.05 How do I choose specifications for desktop PCs? 8.06 How do I evaluate/choose specifications for laptops? 8.07 What about Network Computers'? 8.08 What is the difference between a workstation and a PC? 8.09 Further References Chapter 9. Software 9.01 Software: How do I get current information on functionality? On pricing? 9.02 Desktop OS: How do I deal with the various versions of Windows? 9.03 Desktop OS: How should I decide between using a PC and a Mac? 9.04 Desktop OS: How do I deal with Windows OS's and MAC OS's in the same shop? 9.05 Desktop OS: What is LINUX and what should I do about it? 9.06 Workstation Software Updates: How do I deal with these? 9.07 Software Licensing: How do I deal with it? 9.08 Further References Chapter 10. Data Networks 10.01 Servers: What is the difference between database