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Readings in Computer Architecture

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Readings in Computer Architecture

Mark Hill, Norman Jouppi, Gurindar Sohi

ISBN 1558605398
Pages 650


Thanks to the continued exponential advances in semiconductor design and the demands of evolving and emerging application domains, the field of computer architecture has never been more dynamic. This, the first major book of computer architecture readings in over two decades, captures this dynamism and reveals Computer Architecture's rich history of practice.

This is much more than a simple collection of papers. The editors have carefully selected the most influential primary sources in specific areas of inquiry that, taken together, present the critical issues of the entire discipline. These include issues in technology, implementation, economics, evaluation methods, instruction set design, instruction level parallelism, dataflow/multithreading, memory systems, input/output systems, single-instruction multiple data parallelism, and multiple-instruction multiple data parallelism. In addition, you'll find the editors' thoughtful, focused introductions to each area, providing the context and background necessary for understanding the significance and lasting impact of these papers.

The primary sources and insightful commentary contained in this book provide foundational knowledge for computer architects as well as for those who design supporting system software and compilers. This is an excellent resource for practitioners, instructors, students, and researchers.

PREFACE CHAPTER 1 - Classic Machines: Technology, Implementation, and Economics G. M. AMDAHL, G. A. BLAAUW, F. P. BROOKS, JR., Architecture of the IBM System/360