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Readings in Information Retrieval

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Readings in Information Retrieval

Karen Jones, Peter Willett

ISBN 1558604545
Pages 587

Information retrieval systems provide end-user access to the huge range of textual information resources that are now available. The techniques used are now being applied to multimedia retrieval, and to related information-seeking tasks such as information extraction and summarization. This collection contains papers covering both general theory and specific method, to offer a comprehensive view of the entire field. Each section consists of a carefully selected group of papers, together with a critical introduction to that topic and an extensive list of additional references.

Preface Chapter 1 Overall Introduction Chapter 2 History + The Thesaurus Approach to Information Retrieval, by T. Joyce and R.M. Needham + The Automatic Derivation of Information Retrieval Encodements from Machine-Readable Texts, by H.P. Luhn + Indexing and Abstracting by Association. Part I, by L.B. Doyle + On Relevance, Probabilistic Indexing and Information Retrieval, by M.E. Maron and J.L. Kuhns + The Cranfield Tests on Index Language Devices, by C.W. Cleverdon + Computer Evaluation of Indexing and Text Processing, by G. Salton and M.E. Lesk Chapter 3 Key Concepts + The Concept of Aboutness' in Subject Indexing