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Joe Celko's SQL Puzzles and Answers

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Joe Celko's SQL Puzzles and Answers

Joe Celko

ISBN 1558604537
Pages 200


Joe Celko challenges you with his trickiest puzzles and then helps you conquer them with a variety of solutions and explanations. The puzzles are a compilation from Joe's columns in DBMS and Database Programming & Design magazines. They include new, never-before-published puzzles plus new solutions and extra background for previously published puzzles. In his usual entertaining and informative style, Joe demonstrates the thought processes that are involved in attacking a problem from an SQL perspective. Through the practical, enjoyable puzzles, he introduces immediately useful new techniques and applications for SQL programming, and shows the database programmer how to write and use non-procedural programs.

Joe Celko's SQL Puzzles and Answers by Joe Celko Preface Chapter 1: Defining Data Denormalized Databases Bad Encoding Schemes Puzzle 1. Creating Tables Puzzle 2. Absentee Puzzle 3. Anesthesia Puzzle 4. Security Badges Puzzle 5. Formatting Your Data Puzzle 6. Hotel Reservations Puzzle 7. Portfolio Puzzle 8. Scheduling Printers Puzzle 9. Available Seats Puzzle 10. Wages of Sin Puzzle 11. Work Order Chapter 2: Formatting Data Puzzle 12. Claims Status Puzzle 13. Teacher Puzzle 14. Telephone Puzzle 15. Find the Last Two Salaries Chapter 3: Selecting Data Puzzle 16. Mechanics Puzzle 17. Employment Agency Puzzle 18. Junk Mail Puzzle 19. Top Salespersons Puzzle 20. Test Results Puzzle 21. Airplanes and Pilots Puzzle 22. Landlord Puzzle 23. Magazine Puzzle 24. One in Ten Puzzle 25. Milestone Puzzle 26. Dataflow Diagrams Puzzle 27. Finding Equal Sets Chapter 4: Computing Things Puzzle 28. Calculate the Sine Function Puzzle 29. Find the Mode Puzzle 30. Average Sales Wait Puzzle 31. Buying All the Products Puzzle 32. Tax Calculations Puzzle 33. Depreciation Puzzle 34. Consultant Billing Puzzle 35. Requisition Puzzle 36. Double Duty Puzzle 37. A Moving Average Chapter 5: Grouping Data Puzzle 38. Budgeting Report Puzzle 39. Counting Fish Puzzle 40. Graduation Puzzle 41. Pairs of Styles Puzzle 42. Pepperoni Puzzle 43. Promo Puzzle 44. Blocks of Seats Puzzle 45. Ungrouping Puzzle 46. Widget Puzzle 47. Two Out of Three Puzzle 48. Budget Versus Actual Puzzle 49. Personnel Problem Puzzle 50. Playing the Ponies Puzzle 51. Hotel Rooms Series: The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems