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V. Gurman, B. Miller, M. Dmitriev

ISBN 0080429327
Pages 200

This volume contains the proceedings of the IFAC Workshop on Singular Solutions and Perturbations in Control Systems (SSPCS-97) held at Pereslavl-Zalessky, Russia on 7-11 July 1997. The Workshop was sponsored by IFAC and organized jointly by the Russian National Committee of Automatic Control, the Program Systems Institute and the Institute for Information Transmission Problems at the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the University of Pereslavl.

The objective of this workshop was to provide an international forum for the discussion of recent developments and advances in the fields of singular control problems, impulsive control, singular perturbations technique in control systems, computational problems and others.

The Workshop was devoted both to theoretical and applicative aspects of the so-called 'nonclassical' problems in the area of control theory, such as problems with singular perturbations, impulse and generalized controls. These problems arise in various areas of applications, including mechanics, information processing, medicine and economy. At the same time they stimulate the development of new mathematical tools in the classical theory of control and differential equations.

All papers included in this volume are given in the form presented by the authors.

Chapter headings and selected papers: Plenary Papers. Contrast structures and exchange of stability in singularly perturbed problems (A.B. Vasilieva et al. ). Singularization of control systems (V.I. Gurman). Impulsive and Singular Control Systems. Contrast structures in simplest variational vector problem and its asymptotics (M.G. Dmitriev, Ni Ming Kang). Fast periodic oscillations in singularly perturbed relay control systems (L. Fridman). Differential Equations with Singular Perturbations. Singularly perturbed boundary value problems modelling fast bimolecular reactions (V.F. Butuzov et al. ). Bifurcational phenomena of the singularly perturbed equation with delay (S.A. Kaschenko). Computational Problems. Problems of convergence in the second-order methods of control improvement (V.A. Baturin, D.E. Urbanovich). On an optimal stopping time formulation of adaptive signal filtering (I.C. Dolcetta, R. Ferretti). Dynamic Systems and Control. Optimization of impulse control in one problem of guidance with incomplete information (D.D. Emelyanov). Constrained feedback control of imperfectly known, linear, time-delay systems of neutral type (D.P. Goodall). Applications. An approach to solving the medical-ecological-economic stability problem (V. Baturin, E. Danilina). On connection between the finding of the global functions minimum and the optimal simulated annealing schedule (N.P. Belyaeva). Control of Systems with Incomplete Information. The optimal adaptive algorithms for estimation of a dynamic object state vector with incomplete a priori information (R.A. Ashiniants, S.M. Ivanova). Structures and methods of stochastic optimal control under uncertainty (V.V. Baranov, V.I. Salyga). Author index.