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Kunsoo Kim

ISBN 0080428444
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The US Rock Mechanics Symposium serves as the principal annual gathering of rock mechanics and rock engineering educators and practitioners in the United States. The Symposium provides opportunities for engineers and scientists to exchange the findings from their research, share emerging technological developments in the field, and discuss current issues and proposed solutions.

The purpose of the symposium was to promote the synthesis of diverse rock mechanics and rock engineering activities in professional societies, academia, industry, and government dealing with mineral and energy resources production and civil engineering, as well as earth and environmental sciences.

The 260 papers presented in these Proceedings show that the field of Rock Mechanics and Engineering is emerging as a major discipline involved in many key technical issues that the world is faced with. They range from the age-old earthquake prediction and rock burst problems to newer problems, such as nuclear waste disposal and the storage of CO2 under gas hydrate formation to reduce global warming.

The proceedings are published on CD-ROM with full text search facilities allowing quick and simple access to articles of interest. Extended abstracts are published in a separate hardbound volume to accompany the CD-ROM.

Editorial. Oral and Poster Presentations . Geology, Geophysics and Petroleum Resources Recovery. Earthquakes and fracturing. Origin of cracks and crack growth. Micromechanics and constitutive modeling I. Micromechanics and constitutive modeling II. Rheology of rock. Fractals in rock engineering. Wave phenomenon. Stress effects on flow. Wellbore breakout/stability. Coupled phenomenon. Delineation of hydraulic fractures. Reservoir Modeling. Shale mechanics. Sand production. Hydrofracturing in oil/gas production. Construction Rock Engineering. Yucca mountain project. Nuclear waste repository studies. In situ stress determination. Block analysis. Slope stability. Behavior of rock joints I. Behavior of rock joints II. Rock property determination. Damage mechanics and rock deterioration. Modeling and measurement of flow. Large caverns. Dams and hydroelectric facilities. Tunnel and support design. Grouting and sealing. Rock engineering and communication. Rock Engineering for Mineral Resources Recovery. TBM performance and improved drilling. Instrumentation and monitoring. Blasting and fragmentation. Acoustic emission. Subsurface storage of gas and oil. Rock stresses and opening stability. Subsurface site investigation. Improved design of underground mines. Mining induced seismicity. 10 strength properties of rock and rock masses. Poster Presentations. Elsevier Science Information . About Elsevier Science. Related Publications. ContentsDirect. Complete Catalogue on Internet and ESTOC. Contact Details and Ordering Information. About NYRocks '97 . Aim and Scope of NYRocks '97. Organising Committee. Advisory Committee. Review Committee. Benefactors. Conference Venue. Licenses and Copyright .