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Netware Administration 4.X - 6.X

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Netware Administration 4.X - 6.X

Mark Foust

ISBN 1555582680
Pages 792

NetWare Administration contains information from a consultant's or administrator's viewpoint. There are no other NetWare books like it. The author went right to the meat—the NetWare client starts Chapter 1. This book provides tips, tricks, high-level explanations and Foust's hardcore experience in the field for Novell. He includes information that his clients had to pay $10,000 a week to receive, including practical coverage of NDS, upgrading to 6.0, and thousands of detailed instructions to accomplish virtually any enterprise-wide task. This book has more specific information than any you have ever seen on NetWare. It covers NetWare 4.x through 5.x up to NetWare 6 (due out end of this year).

The NetWare Client; The NetWare Server; NDS Management; NetWare and IP; Installing a NetWare Server; Upgrading a NetWare Server; Other Novell Products; NetWare Security; The Consultant's Toolbox; Appendices: Tables and Reference Information