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High Pressure High Temperature Reservoir Conditions

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High Pressure High Temperature Reservoir Conditions

D T Brown and G J Lyons

ISBN 1 874612 16 1
Pages 210

Future field developments in the North Sea are increasingly requiring production from high pressure and high temperature condensate reservoirs requiring a fuller understanding of the technology and equipment available to operate under these conditions.
This handbook is designed for engineers who wish to familiarise themselves with HPHT technologies by providing detailed information on the various aspects and problems of hydrocarbon reservoirs. The book provides both background and detail on various aspects of developing HPHT hydrocarbon reservoirs such as drilling, field development and production. It identifies those facets which are of particular interest to North Sea HPHT fields to form a valuable reference guide valid for the foreseeable future.

HPHT Development Downhole; Rig Requirements and Well Control; Drilling Operations; Modelling the Performance of HPHT Wells; Wellhead and Tree Design Surface Facilities; Material Selection Pipeline Systems; Development Alternatives