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Conceptual Cost Estimating Manual, 2nd Edition

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Conceptual Cost Estimating Manual, 2nd Edition

John S. Page

ISBN 0884152677
Pages 326

Disciplines of work.Acid coolers. Aerators. Compressors. Dryers. Blenders. Boilers. Condensers.Conveying equipment. Dust collectors. Fans/blowers. Feeders. Filters.Generators. Heaters. Heat exchangers. Pumps. Reactors. Steam jet ejectors. Gas scrubbers. Separators. Tanks. Vessels. Site preparation/improvements. Concrete. Steel and iron. Building. Piping. Electrical. Instrumentation. Insulation. Painting. Paving. Proratables. Construction equipment. Overheads and indirects. Home office cost. Ratio estimating factors. Estimate adjustments.