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Deep Challenge

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Deep Challenge

ClydeW. Burleson

ISBN 0884152197
Pages 250

Deep Challenge blends oil-patch history, eyewitness accounts of disasters, and open access to the official files of Global Marine Inc., the recognized leader in offshore drilling, to tell a true and exciting story.

Foreword. Building Character: Hurricane Camille. In the Beginning: From Titusville to the Deep Blue. Off the Land and Into the Water. The Tidelands Issue: The Fight for a Fortune in Offshore Oil. CUSS and the World's First Drillship. Into Gulf Waters. Project Mohole: Tripping to Hell and Back. A Fleet of Drillships. A Time of International Growth and Innovation. A Global Scientific Challenge. To Go Where No One Had Gone Before, Then Do the Impossible. From Boom to Bust. From Bust to Boom. Deep Frontier. Appendix: How to Drill an Oil Well in the Middle of the Ocean: A Quick Primer.