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Applied Process Design Volume 2, 3rd Edition

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Applied Process Design Volume 2, 3rd Edition

ErnestE. Ludwig

ISBN 0884151018
Pages 486

This latest edition covers the technical performance and mechanical details of converting the chemical and petrochemical process into appropriate hardware for distillation and packed towers. It incorporates recent advances and major innovations in distillation contacting devices and features new generations of packing. In addition, this new edition reflects the significant progress that has been made in process design techniques in recent years.

Volume 2's example calculation techniques guide in the preparation of preliminary and final rating designs. In some instances, the book includes manufacturers' procedures and notes clearly indicate when manufacturers should verify results.

DISTILLATION. Part 1: Distillation and Process Performance Part 2:Hydrocarbon Absorption and Stripping. Part 3: Mechanical Design. PACKED TOWERS.