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Tolley's Risk Assess Workbook Series: Offices

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Tolley's Risk Assess Workbook Series: Offices

EdwardG Hines, AllanStJohn Holt

ISBN 0754518892
Pages 144

Risk assessment is the key to successful management of health and safety at work. Risk assessments are carried out in order to quantify and evaluate the significance of workplace hazards so that appropriate control measures can be put in place.

Usually, a written record of the assessment is required, detailing the following information:
* The hazards ???and how much risk is associated.
* The risk ???with appropriate control measures.
* Deadlines ???to follow-up the risk assessment to ensure the risk is managed.

Failure to carry out risk assessments ???punishable by law ???is often due to lack of a suitable risk assessment system. Tolley’s Risk Assessment Workbook ???Offices provides that system, both in the form of key background information on how to carry out a risk assessment ???understanding relevant legislation and regulations ???but most importantly by providing:
* Checklists ???highlighting key industry-specific hazards and control measures.
* Questionnaires ???highlighting key questions the risk assessor should ask when analysing the risk posed by the hazard.
* Action Plans ???to ensure the risk assessment is followed up and completed.

The Workbook offers a practical risk assessment system: it shows you how to comply with the law and gives you the foundations of a logical procedure that can be understood easily, put into placed quickly where necessary and adapted to your organisation’s needs.

Tolley’s Risk Assessment Workbooks is a series of practical Workbooks providing you with all the information you need to conduct risk assessments in industry-specific areas including: Manufacturing, Retail, Leisure, Education, Construction, and Utilities. A special Risk Assessment Workbook on Stress has also been developed in order to facilitate management of this issue which is of key concern to all organisations.

PART 1 Risk Assessment: Introduction: Terminology; Control measures; Putting it all together; Rating the risks. Overview of the law regarding risk assessment: Health and Safety at work etc Act 1974; Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999; Specific risk assessment legislation summaries; The need to comply; Table of legislation; Guidance material. How to use the workbook and methodology: Essential steps in risk assessment; Action Plan; Special cases ???stress; Special cases ???fire; Legal summary. Risk assessment ???the action plan. Risk Assessment in the Office: Specific requirements. Relevant legislation. Office assessments as a management tool: Office workers???health and assessment. Fire and the office. Application of the legislation ???best practice. Risks and control measure. Worked example. PART 2 Checklists, Questionnaires and Action Plans: Access/Egress to Premises: Pedestrians; Shrubs and Trees; Vehicles; Underground Basement Vehicle Parking; Vehicle Loading Bays; Private Safety Vehicle Parking Areas; Site Security Team ???Where Provided; Entrance doors; Reception Desk. Material Storage. Visual Display Units. Office Furniture and Equipment. Toilets and Washing Facilities. Office ???General Flooring. Lighting. Emergency Planning and First Aid. Contractors. Manual Handling. Lift Cars: Maintenance; Release of Trapped Person(s); Safe Operation. Escalators. Gas Appliance Servicing/Maintenance. Gas Boiler Rooms. Service cupboards ???Gas and Electricity. Restrooms and Meal Facilities. Smoking Areas ???Internal. Office Stress. Electrical Fixed and Portable Appliances. Occupational Violence. Contractors ???General. Cooling Towers. Tanks, Taps and Shower Outlets. Hot and Cold Water Systems. Access to External Roof Areas. Internal Access Points ???RoofVoids etc. Window Cleaning: External and Internal; Use of Cradles. Work Equipment ???General Office. Emergency Lighting. Fire: General Fire Precautions; Fire Extinguishers; Fire Alarm System/Break Glass Points; Fire Alarm ???Panel Indicator; Electro-magnetic Fire Doors; Internal Fire Doors and Closure Mechanisms; External Fire Doors; Premises Evacuation; External Fire Stairs; Fire Signs. Action Plan.