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Small Petrol Engines

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Small Petrol Engines

Bruce Holt

ISBN 0750689013
Pages 128

The small petrol engine is an essential tool in many workplaces, especially in rural Australia. Whether it is a two or four stroke engine and powers a water pump or auger, lawn-mower or chainsaw, the small petrol engine is the workhorse found on every
farm. This extensively illustrated manual not only gives valuable advice on the maintenance of small petrol engines and their capabilities in terms of power and torque, but also clearly explains the fundamental principles of all the engine's distinct
systems: * Mechanical - including the action of pistons and valves * Ignition - featuring the workings of the magneto * Fuel - with a detailed examination of the carburettor * Lubrication * Cooling * Exhaust Maintenance and repairs are covered for each
section, plus a complete troubleshooting guide lists symptoms, causes and the best solutions for any likely problems faced by the small petrol engine mechanic. Bruce Holt has had a lifetime involvement with machinery. He qualified in the Australian
Army where he dealt with a large variety of vehicles and engines up to Centurion tanks. He has worked with farm machinery dealers, soil conservation services, transport companies and for 15 years has been teaching courses in small engine service and
maintenance with TAFE

Introduction; Safety; Tools and fasteners; Principles and construction; Fuel system; Ignition; Starting; Lubrication; Cooling; Exhaust; Routine maintenance; Troubleshooting; Storage; Application; Glossary; Index.