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Tolley's Gas Service Technology Set,

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Tolley's Gas Service Technology Set,

Frank Saxon, (Contributor)

ISBN 0750683368
Pages 1864

The Gas Service Technology Series is a one stop resource for up-to-date information on all aspects of installation and servicing of domestic and industrial gas equipment. This set offers all three volumes at a reduced price.

Volume 1 explains the basic principles underlying the practical and theoretical aspects of installing and servicing gas appliances and associated equipment, from the basics of combustion, to burners, pressure and flow, transfer of heat, controls, as well as materials and processes, electrical aspects, and metering and measuring devices. Volume 2 deals with the various aspects of installing and servicing domestic appliances and Volume 3 with installing and servicing industrial and commercial appliances. All volumes cover both Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

The fourth editions have been brought fully up to date with current Standards and legislation (including the Building Regulations) to reflect recent developments in industry, in line with requirements of the ACS Certificates of Competence and NVQs.

Incorporating many illustrations and worked examples throughout the text, the series combines a concise reference with practical applications in real-world engineering contexts to create an essential handbook for all aspects of gas installation, ideal for both students on building services and related courses from C&G / CITB at Levels 2 and 3, as well as professionals and non-operational professionals (e.g. Specifiers, Managers, Supervisors) as an ongoing source of reference.

Volume 1 Properties of gases; Combustion; Liquefied petroleum gas; Burners; Energy; Pressure and gas flow; Control of pressure; Measurement of gas; Basic electricity; Transfer of heat; Gas controls; Materials and processes; Tools; Measuring devices. Volume 2 Pipework installation; Internal installation; Meters; Flueing & ventilation; Cookers, refrigerators & laundry appliances; Space heating; Water heating ???instantaneous & storage appliances; Central heating (hot water & warm air systems); Heating control systems; Electrical work on gas appliances. Volume 3 Large installations; Industrial & commercial gas meters; Industrial processes & plant; Industrial gas burner systems; Flame protection; Commercial catering; Incinerators; Steam boilers; Overhead heating; Combined heat & power; Air conditioning; Large-scale heating & hot water systems; Natural gas & the environment.