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Introduction to Electrical Installation Work,

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Introduction to Electrical Installation Work,

Trevor Linsley

ISBN 0750681144
Pages 271

Trevor Linsley has helped many thousands of students to gain success in their study of the 2330 Certificate in Electrotechnical Technology from City & Guilds. With this brand new textbook, he focuses on the essential theory and practical tasks involved in carrying out electrical installation work, to create a thorough yet basic introductory guide.

Ideally suited to students who may prefer a more visual-style of learning than seen in more traditional types of textbook, all examples and calculations are firmly rooted in actual engineering practice, giving the student real-world points of reference ???these are the types of problems and situations that are actually encountered on-site. As such, this text will prove a vital purchase for any student embarking on their Level 2 certificate who needs an overall practical introduction to the subject, or those currently studying at foundation level who may be considering moving into electrical installation in the future.

Building on the practical focus and accessible style used in his market-leading texts on this subject, this new full-colour introduction incorporates an array of learning features all designed to ensure the key concepts in electrical installation work are immediately identifiable and easily understandable.

Trevor Linsley caters precisely for the unit requirements of the 2330 Level 2 Certificate in Electrotechnical Technology from City & Guilds certificate (installation route), covering the three core units of the scheme, along with the Occupational Unit 4 ???Installation (Buildings & Structures). The content is also fully in line with the 2004 version of the IEE Wiring Regulations BS 7671:2001 (incorporating Amendments 1:2002 & 2:2004).

Formerly Senior Lecturer at Blackpool & Fylde College, as well as Head of the NVQ Assessment Centre, Trevor Linsley is a best-selling author in electrical installation.

Preface 1 Working Effectively and Safely in an Electrical Environment Laws and Safety Regulations Statutory Laws Non-Statutory Regulations Health and Safety Responsibilities Safety Signs Accident and Emergency Procedures Organisations having Electrotechnical Activities Services provided by the Electrotechnical Industry Roles and Responsibilities of Workers in the Electrotechnical Industry Professional Bodies supporting Electrotechnical Organisations Communications and Technical Information Assessment Questions Multiple Choice Assessment Questions 2 Basic Principles of Electrotechnology Basic Units used in Electrotechnology Electrical Theory Ohmís Law Series Connected Resistors Parallel Connected Resistors Connecting Voltmeters and Ammeters Magnetic Fields and Flux Patterns Basic Mechanics and Machines The Simple Alternator Electrical Transformers Electrical Power on the National Grid Safe Electrical Systems Principles of Electric Shock Protection Earthed Equipotential Bonding Coupled with Automatic Disconnection of the Supply Electrical Tools and Equipment Safe Working Practice Assessment Questions Multiple Choice Assessment Questions 3 Health and Safety Application and Electrical Principles Health and Safety Applications Electrical Installation Principles Assessment Questions Multiple Choice Assessment Questions 4 Installation (Building and Structures) Regulations and Responsibilities Electricity at Work Regulations and Codes of Practice IEE Regulations (BS 7671) On-Site Communications Electricity Supply Systems Cable Sheath Earth Supplies (TN-S system) Protective Multiple Earthing Supplies (TN-C-S system) No Earth Provided Supplies (TT System) Wiring and Lighting Circuits Socket Outlet Circuits Cables and Enclosures New Wiring Colours Wiring Systems and Enclosures Conduit Installations Trunking Installations Cable Tray Installations Bathroom Installations Temporary Installations (Construction Sites) Agricultural and Horticultural Installations Flammable and Explosive Installations Support and Fixing Methods for Electrical Equipment Electrical Installation, Inspection and Testing Safe Working Environment Correct Disposal of Waste Material Assessment Questions Multiple Choice Assessment Questions Solutions to Assessment Questions Index