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BTEC First Engineering Curriculum Support Pack,

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BTEC First Engineering Curriculum Support Pack,

Mike Tooley

ISBN 0750680598
Pages 288

Mike Tooley provides the essential resources needed by busy teachers and lecturers, as well as a bank of student-centred practical work and revision material, that will enable students to gain the skills, knowledge and understanding they require.

Used alongside the students???text, BTEC First Engineering, this pack offers an essential suite of teaching resource material and photocopiable handouts for the compulsory core units of the 2006 BTEC First Engineering schemes from Edexcel. Full coverage is given to the common core units of the Certificate / Diploma (units 1 and 2), plus the additional compulsory units for Diploma students (units 3 and 4), for all pathways.

Furthermore, the three common specialist option units found within each pathway of the BTEC First in Engineering are also covered: Selecting Engineering Materials (unit 8), Using Computer Aided Drawing Techniques in Engineering (unit 10), and Electronic Circuit Construction and Testing (unit 19).

Also available in electronic form for adopters upon request, this pack will save teachers and course teams many hours work preparing handouts and assignments, and is freely photocopiable within the purchasing institution. The pack includes:
* Exercises to support and develop work in the accompanying student text
* Worked solutions to selected review questions
* Further activities which will enable students to provide evidence of a wide range of skills
* Sample worksheets
* Reference material for use as hand-outs
* Background on running the new BTEC First in Engineering
* Teachers???notes supporting activities in the students???book

Mike Tooley is formerly Vice Principal and Head of Faculty of Engineering at Brooklands College, Surrey, and is the author of many best-selling engineering and electronics books.

Working practices in engineering. Using and interpreting engineering information. Applied electrical and mechanical science for technicians. Mathematics for engineering technicians. Selecting engineering materials. Using computer aided drawing techniques in engineering. Electronic circuit construction and testing.