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Pirate Radio and Video

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Pirate Radio and Video

NewtonC. Braga

ISBN 0750673311
Pages 316

Now that the FCC has changed the laws governing pirate radio and video stations, more and more people across the country are starting broadcasts from their homes. Of course transmitting equipment is very expensive, but now you can build your own transmitters for a fraction of the cost of purchasing. By reading about and building the over thirty projects in Pirate Radio and Video, you can construct your own station with a minimum investment for maximum learning. With projects for UHF, VHF, AM and FM transmitters, this book covers the gamut of popular bands and outputs. Not only will you learn how to build your own transmitters, but also how to troubleshoot problems, test outcomes and even synthesize several types of equipment into a powerful and unique system.

Written with the electronics hobbyist in mind, each project includes basic diagrams, complete instructions as well as advice on how to make each project work best for you. The list of projects includes over several different FM radio transmitters, AM radio transmitters, microwave transmitters, shortwave transmitters, UHF video transmitters, VHF video transmitters as well as nearly a dozen special projects for test equipment and system set-ups. If you are interested in setting up your own radio or television broadcasting system, you will need a copy of this book to do it!

Ch-1 Useful Information about Transmitters (includes Producing Radio Waves, Frequency, Legal Aspects, Transmission Techniques, Antennas, CW Shortwave Transmitter); Ch-2 FM and VHF Transmitters (includes Small FM Transmitter, Five FM Microtransmitters, Two-Transistor FM Transmitter, Two-Stage FM Transmitter, Three-Transistor FM Transmitter, Pirate FM Station, FM Super Transmitter, Voice Effects Transmitter); Ch-3 Special Purpose Transmitters (includes Noise Transmitter, Alert FM Transmitter, Wireless FM Event Monitor (Version 1), Wireless Event FM Transitter, (Version 2), Wireless FM Alarm, FM Beep Emitter; Ch-4 Medium-Wave and Shortwave Transmitters (includes Small AM Transmitter, Medium-Wave Repeater, MW Radio Link, Two-Transistor MW Transmitter, Shortwave Telegraphic Transmitter, One-Transistor Shortwave Transmitter, FET Shortwave Transmitter, Small, Two-Stage MW/SW Transmitter, High-Power AM Tube Transmitter, High-Power CW Shortwave Transmitter); Ch-5 Other Transmitters (includes Transmission through the Earth, Small UHF Transmitter, Experimental Digital Transmitter, CD Player/Walkman FM Transmitter, Through-the-Wall Communication System, Laser Beam Communication System, Video Transmitting Station) Ch-6, Miscellaneous Projects (includes Field Strength Meter, Dip Meter); Appendix