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Build Your Own Home Theatre, 2E

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Build Your Own Home Theatre, 2E

Robert Wolenik, John J Adams

ISBN 0750673303
Pages 320

Written to provide information on all price ranges of equipment to everyone from the beginner to the experienced home theater owner, Build Your Own Home Theater has been completely updated for today's audience. This new edition contains valuable consumer information on the latest digital home theater components and technology, including digital surround sound receivers, DVD players, digital television & HDTV, digital satellites (DBS), digital camcorders, and digital hard-drive video recorders. It also features easy-to-understand explanations of surround sound technology and set ups—including Dolbyâ Digital, THX Surround EXTM, and DTS-ESTM.

If you are interested in audio, video, and home theater technologies, this book will give you the information you need to choose the right components, hook the pieces together, and create a fabulous theater experience right in your own living room. When the first edition of Build Your Own Home Theater was published, decent home theater systems were primarily only affordable for wealthier consumers. Now, several years later, the technology is accessible to millions of homes as products such as wide-screen televisions, digital surround sound audio, DVD Video and Audio Players, and digital satellite systems have become commonplace. Though most people don't have actual home theater set-ups in their living rooms, more and more consumers are trying to combine components they already own with new high-tech components to create an affordable home theater experience. Complete with important home theater Web site addresses and resources, Build Your Own Home Theater, Second Edition is a comprehensive, current, and well-researched text. Beginners to advanced home theater consumers, Videophiles, technicians, engineers, and electronics hobbyists from all walks of life will especially find it invaluable.

*'Dolby' and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks and 'Surround Sound EX' is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories.
THX and Lucasfilm are © Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights are reserved. Used under authorization. DTS and DTS-ES are trademarks of Digital Theater Systems, Inc.

The current state of Home theater. What Home Theater means; Creating a master plan; Basic terms and concepts; Audio/video receivers and amplifiers; Choosing and hooking up sound and video---various configurations; all of the Dolby Surround encoding/decoding technologies; Speakers; DVD; Laser disc; WebTV; Digital satellite dishes; Camcorders; Specially designed home theater furniture; Picking the right room; Background noise; Acoustic insulation; Eliminating echoes and vibrations; How to save money; Building a home theater one piece at a time; Complete systems; Dealing with dealers; Mail order; TV resolution; Rear-projection TV vs. tube TVs vs. front-projection TVs; Home theater lighting; Complete explanations of THX®, Dolby® Digital, Surround EX???and DTS sound; Maximizing home theater audio; Controllers; Loudspeakers; Amplifiers; Room Equalizers; How many speakers; Surround sound speakers; How to audition speakers; Speaker power levels; What to look for in a VCR and Video Hard-Drive; What to look for in a DVD player; What to look for in a camcorder; What to look for in a video game console; What to look for in a digital satellite system; Cable television; Digital Television; How to wire a home theater set-up; How to place your speakers and equipment for maximum sound; Troubleshooting; The future of home theater.