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Basic Stamp: An Introduction to Microcontrollers 2nd Edition

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Basic Stamp: An Introduction to Microcontrollers 2nd Edition

DrClaus Kuhnel, DrKlaus Zahnert

ISBN 0750672455
Pages 400

This book introduces microcontroller theory using the Parallax BASIC Stamp I, II, and IIsx. The BASIC Stamp microcontroller is based on Microchip's PIC hardware with some modifications and is very approachable for beginning users. Once the basic theory is established, BASIC Stamp, 2/E walks the reader through applications suitable for designers as well as the home hobbyist. These applications can be used as is or as a basis for further modifications to suit specific design needs. BASIC Stamp, 2/E thoroughly explains the hardware base of the BASIC Stamp microcontroller including internal architecture, the peripheral functions, as well as providing the technical data sheets for each kind of chip. The authors also explain the BASIC Stamp development systems including DOS and Windows-based tools in tremendous detail. As an added feature, BASIC Stamp, 2/E includes full instructions for using PBASIC programming and formatting. The book provides many specific applications for microcontroller use, complete with programming instructions, including: single instructions, multiple instructions, interfacing directions, and more complex applications such as motion detection, light measurement, and home automation.

1. Hardware Base of BASIC Stamps: Internal Architecture, Peripheral Functions, Technical Data of PIC16C56, PIC16C57 and SX28AC; 2. BASIC Stamp: BASIC Stamp I device, BASIC Stamp version D, BS1-IC, BASIC Stamp II device, BS2-IC, BS2SX device, BS2SX-IC; 3. BASIC Stamp - Development System: System Requirements, Parallax's Programming Package, Preparations for BASIC Stamp I Program Development, Preparations for BASIC Stamp II Program Development, Working with the Development System, Some Tools; 4. PBASIC for BASIC Stamps: PBASIC Instruction Set, Explanations to some PBASIC Instructions, Numeric Operations, Source text formatting; 5. On the way to application, the practical use of BASIC Stamp: Experiments and some Tools, Hints for Programming and Debugging; Runtime of PBASIC Instructions for BS1, BS2 and BS2SX; 6. BASIC Stamp Applications: Basics for applications, More complex Applications; Appendix A: Reserved Words; Appendix B: BASIC Stamp - Versions of Firmware; Appendix C: HAYES Commands - the most important modem instructions; Appendix D: Some Sources