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FilippoDe Florio

ISBN 0750669489
Pages 247

Understanding airworthiness is central to maintaining and operating aircraft safely. While no book can replace the published FAR/JAR documentation for airworthiness, this unique guide provides readers with a single reference to understanding and interpreting the airworthiness requirements of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation), FAA (the US Federal Aviation Authority) and EASA (European Aircraft Safety Agency). Setting these requirements in a real-world context, the book is an essential contribution to the safety management system of anyone involved in the design, maintenance and operation of aircraft for business or pleasure.

Key topics covered include:
???Considerations of airworthiness standards for all classes, including large and small aircraft, rotor craft, gliders and unmanned aircraft
???JAR/FAR 21
???Type certification of aircraft, engines, and propellers and the type certification process
???Parts and appliances approval
???Joint certifications and national certifications
???Special classes of certificates of airworthiness
???Airworthiness and flight operations

Flight Safety Airworthiness The ICAO and the Civil Aviation Authorities Airworthiness Requirements Type Certification The Type Certification Process Production of Products, Parts, and Appliances Certificates of Airworthiness Flight Operation - Continued Airworthiness