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Quality Management Essentials ,

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Quality Management Essentials ,

David Hoyle

ISBN 0750667869
Pages 212

From the best-selling quality management author, David Hoyle, Quality Management Essentials is the perfect brief, yet authoritative, introduction to quality management and the ISO 9000 family of quality standards.

Quality management and quality auditing is inevitable in most areas of industry and commerce. Over 500,000 organizations worldwide are already certified to ISO 9000 quality standards, many more are not. For those coming to the subject for the first time, the ISO Standards and philosophies associated with Quality Management can be overwhelming. This is the book these readers need: a fast track introduction and executive level appraisal of the field, from one of quality's most respected experts.

Preface 1, Basic concepts of Quality, Quality Management and the ISO regulatory frameworks 2, How we think about quality and how to achieve quality 3, Managing quality using ISO 9000 4, Managing quality in practice using the process approach Appendices Planning, documenting and measuring quality: QMS forms and processes Making the Case for Quality