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Research in Information Systems

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Research in Information Systems

David Avison, Jan Pries-Heje

ISBN 0750666552
Pages 344

Research in Information Systems helps supervisors and their students get the most out of the PhD experience. It can be used as a basis of courses for supervisors and their research students.

This book covers:
???the supervisor ???student relationship
???practical, social and academic issues
???different models for PhD programs, including US, UK, Latin and Scandinavian models.

Many vignettes of personal experiences and reflections provide context for the material. The book is written by experts ???leading international academics in the field of information systems. They all have had wide experience of research supervision over many years in many countries.

Preface; Acknowledgements; Part I Reflections: Chapter 1 - Advising and supervising, Chapter 2 - Confessions and reflections; Part II The supervisor/student relationship: Chapter 3 - Metaphors for PhD study, Chapter 4 - Focus on the supervisor, Chapter 5 - Focus on the student; Part III Social and practical issues: Chapter 6 - Serving two masters, Chapter 7 - Finance, Chapter 8 - Ethical issues, Chapter 9 - Gender issues, Chapter 10 Sexual orientation, Chapter 11 - Diverse cultures; Part IV Academic issues: Chapter 12 - Discipline of information systems, Chapter 13 - Quality and originality, Chapter 14 - Quantitative research, Chapter 15 - Qualitative research; Part V PhD models: Chapter 16 - US model, Chapter 17 - UK Model, Chapter 18 - Latin model, Chapter 19 - Scandinavian model; Bibliography; Author biographies; Index.