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Basic Electrical Installation Work

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Basic Electrical Installation Work

Trevor Linsley

ISBN 0750666242
Pages 224

Basic Electrical Installation Work has helped thousands of students to gain their first qualification in electrical installation. Now in its fourth edition, this book has been completely restructured to provide a specific match to the requirements of the Installation route of the 2330 Level 2 Certificate in Electrotechnical Technology from City & Guilds, and will also prove an essential purchase for students of the Level 2 NVQ in Installing Electrotechnical Systems (2356).

With a concise and practical approach, Trevor Linsley presents a complete resource for the 2330 Certificate, covering the three core units of the scheme, along with the Occupational Unit 4 ???Installation (Buildings & Structures). An additional chapter Lighting ???a key area of electrical installation work ???is also included for reference.

This highly illustrated text features worked examples and exercises with answers to create an easily accessible student book, ideal for self-directed study. The content has been brought fully in line with the 2004 version of the IEE Wiring Regulations BS 7671:2001 (incorporating Amendments 1:2002 & 2:2004), and features new sections on Health & Safety, Employment Rights and Responsibilities, Personal Protective Equipment, and Safety Regulations, reflecting the emphasis of the 2330 Certificate in these particular areas.

Formerly Senior Lecturer at Blackpool & Fylde College, as well as Head of the NVQ Assessment Centre, Trevor Linsley is a best-selling author in electrical installation.

Curriculum Support Pack - ISBN 0750669616
Used alongside the students???texts, Basic Electrical Installation Work and Advanced Electrical Installation Work, this pack offers an essential suite of teaching resource material and photocopiable handouts for the compulsory units of the 2330 Certificate in Electrotechnical Technology from City & Guilds, with a chapter-by-chapter match to the units of the electrical installation pathway at Levels 2 and 3. Coverage is given to the core units of the 2330 syllabus, along with the occupational unit in the electrical installation pathway at Level 2, plus the two occupational units in the electrical installation pathway at Level 3.

Preface. Working Effectively and Safely: Statutory Laws. Non Statutory Regulations. Health and Safety Responsibilities. PPE Safety Signs. Fire Control. Electrical Safety. First Aid. The Structure of Electrotechnical Organisations. On-Site Communications. Diagrams and Standard Forms. Professional Organisations. Exercises. Principles of Electrotechnology: Units ???Ohms Law. Resistivity. Temperature Coefficient. Series Resistors. Parallel Resistors. Power and Energy. A C Theory. Three Effects of an Electric Current. Magnetism. Inductance. Electrostatics. Capacitors. Mechanics. Levers. Simple Machines. Temperature and Heat. Generators and Motors. Simple Transformers. Measuring Volts and Amps. Electrical Cables. Generation of Electricity. Electrical Bonding. Electric Shock and Overload Protection. Fuses and mcbs. Earth Leakage Protection. Hand and Power Tools. Safe Working Practice. Exercises. Health and Safety and Electrical Principles: Health and Safety Applications: Hazard Risk Assessment. VDU Display Screen Regulations 1992. Manual Handling. Safe Working Above Ground. Secure Electrical Isolation. Disposing of Waste Material. Electrical Principles: A C Theory. Power and Power Factor. Three Phase A C. Star and Delta Connections. Magnetism. Indutance, Self and Mutal. Magnetic Hysteresis. D c Motors. Motor Speed Control. 3ph Motors. Single Phase Motors. Motor Starters. Motor Installation and Maintenance. Transformers. Transformer Losses. Transformer Construction. 3ph Transformers. Instrument Transformers, CT and VT. Generation, Transmission and Distribution. Earth Fault Protection. RCD. Isolation and Switching. Overcurrent Protection. Earth Loop Impedance. Exercises. Installation (Building and Structures): Regulations and Responsibilities. Absolute Duty of Care. British Standards. Low Voltage Supply Systems. Wiring Circuits, Lighting, Sockets and Power. Conductor Size Calculations. Wiring Systems, Conduit, Truncking and Tray. Support and Fixing Methods. Special Installations in Bathrooms, on Construction Sites, Agricultural and Explosive Environments. Fire Alarms. Intruder Alarms. Emergency Lighting. Telephone Sockets. Inspection and Testing. Certification and Reporting. Exercises. Lighting: Common Lighting Terms. Illumination Laws. Measurement of Illuminance. Layout of Luminaires. Comparison of Light Sources. Control Gear for Lamps. Fluorescent Lamp Control Circuits. Installation of Luminaires. Loading and Switching of Discharge Circuits. Maintenance of Lighting Installations. High Voltage Discharge Lighting. Exercises. Index.