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Build and Upgrade Your Own PC

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Build and Upgrade Your Own PC

Ian Sinclair

ISBN 0750665068
Pages 344

Ian Sinclair's Build Your Own books have established themselves as authoritative and highly practical guides for home and small business PC users and IT technicians alike. All aspects of building and upgrading a PC are covered, making this the book computer retailers don't want you to read!

Build and Upgrade Your Own PC, 4th edition is based around building and upgrading to the latest systems, such as Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP motherboards running Windows XP and Windows 2000 Professional. As well as guiding you round the inside of your PC base unit Ian Sinclair also covers setup and security issues and peripherals, including:

???Monitors, printers and scanners
???Video capture
???DVD drives
???Small-scale networking solutions
(wired and wireless)
???Security technologies, including Firewall
???Troubleshooting installation CD-ROMs

PC planning, buying, construction and setup Casings The motherboard and its fittings Drives Adding boards Connections Preparations Upgrading The operating systems Sundry hardware items Junior league upgrading Miniature desktop machines The newest SATA connections 64-bit processors Using Firewire and USB external drives Working with DVD rewriting drives Using combined printer-scanners Troubleshooting installation CDs Small-scale networks Security, including Firewalls and anti-virus programs Wireless networks