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T Mori & H Kokame., A M J Skulimowski., A G Butkovskiy et al ., V A Sobolev.

ISBN 0080412645
Pages 484

This volume provides a general overview on the state-of-the-art and future developments in automation and control. The application of systems and control in all areas is covered, from the social and cultural effects of control, to control in mineral and metal processing. This volume will be an invaluable source of information to all those interested in any aspect of automation and control.

Section headings and selected papers: Stochastic Control and State Estimation. Stochastic control. Stochastic systems and state estimation. Estimation and stochastic control. Theory of aiming control for linear stochastic systems, S M Meerkov & T Runolfsson. Fault detection and signal processing. Dynamic model based incipient fault detection concept for robots, J Wünnenberg & P M Frank. Modelling and Identification. Nonlinear system identification. Differential geometry of recursive nonlinear estimation, R Kulhavy. Model structure estimation. New topics in identification II. A method for bilinear system identification, H T Dorissen. Recursive identification. Adaptive control of time varying stochastic systems, S P Meyn & L Guo. Identification: stochastic realization and applications. Zeros of (non-square) spectral factors and canonical correlations, G Michaletzky. Structural problems in system identification. On the specification of goodness of fit for linear systems, C Heij & J C Willems. Biomedical Engineering. Control of physiological processes. Adaptive blood pressure control, B A Foss, H Hogner & S Rising. Control of drug delivery. A model of Leucine kinetics: A priori identifiability and minimal input-output configuration, M P Saccomani & C Cobelli. Control of biological systems. Adaptive Control. Stochastic adaptive control. Estimation of sampling period for selftuners, M Karny. Adaptive control and N/L systems. Applications of adaptive control. Adaptive predictive control. Robust adaptive control. Adaptive control I. Adaptive control II. Adaptive control III. Author index. Keyword index. Series: Automatic Control 1990