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T Mori & H Kokame., A M J Skulimowski., A G Butkovskiy et al ., V A Sobolev.

ISBN 0080412629
Pages 586

This volume provides a general overview on the state-of-the-art and future developments in automation and control. The application of systems and control in all areas is covered, from the social and cultural effects of control, to control in mineral and metal processing. This volume will be an invaluable source of information to all those interested in the areas of automation and control.

Section headings and selected papers: Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems of Automatic Control. AI and expert systems: Fundamental techniques. Model based fault diagnosis and supervision of machines and drives, R Isermann et al . Expert control applications. Fuzzy control systems. Case study session. Signal model based grinding chatter analysis, W Janik & R Isermann. Distributed Computer Control Systems. DCCS trends. Real-time in DCCS. Fault tolerance in real-time systems, H Kopetz. Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Control. Neural-net technology and knowledge based computer vision. Dynamic scene description system - ODYS, J Malec. AI methodology in real-time control. Some results on iterative learning, K L Moore, S P Bhattacharyya & M Dahleh. Fuzzy control. Real-time fuzzy based self-learning predictors and controllers, C J Harris & C Moore. Specific knowledge-based control systems (applications). Case study session. The use of AI-methods in control systems. Software Engineering for Real-Time Control. Software engineering II. Industrial Applications of Modern Control Methods. Nonlinear control applications. Robust control applications and fault detection. Advanced control methods of different processes. Control of Cars, Ships and Engines. Control of cars, ships and engines. Intelligent Components and Instruments for Automatic Control. Intelligent controllers. Intelligent sensors. Control of Electrical Drives and Power Electronics. Control of electrical drives I. Control of electrical drives II. Control System Elements. Electrohydraulic actuators and drives. Author index. Keyword index. Series: Automatic Control 1990