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T Mori & H Kokame., A M J Skulimowski., A G Butkovskiy et al ., V A Sobolev.

ISBN 0080412610
Pages 568

This volume provides a general overview on the state-of-the-art and future developments in automation and control. The application of systems and control in all areas is covered, from the social and cultural effects of control, to control in mineral and metal processing. This volume will be an invaluable source of information to all those interested in the areas of automation and control.

Section headings and selected papers: Automatic Control in Manufacturing. Scheduling and control in manufacturing. Flexible manufacturing. Computer aided engineering. Discussion session. Robot Control. Mobile robots. Trajectory control. Redundant manipulators. Robot control I. Robot control II. On a new mechatronics concept of decentralized control of fast high precision robots, U Hirsch & H-B Kuntze. Robot arm control. Robots: sensor-based control. Industrial Systems Engineering. CIM in process industries. CIM in discrete industries. Computer-Aided Control System Analysis and Design CACSD I. ECSTACY - a control system CAD environment, N Munro. CACSD II. CACSD III. Man-Machine Systems. Decision making, workload and support systems. Human-centred automation and man machine interfaces. Control of Transportation Systems. Control of transportation systems. Optimal control of the main electric locomotive traffic, M E Salukvadze, V E Gabisonia & A I Arsenash. Urban control and periurban traffic control. Water Resources and Environmental Systems Planning. Water resources and environmental systems planning. Case Studies. System analysis and environmental modelling. Some mathematical approaches to modeling processes in the environment, M YA Antonovsky & V M Buchstaber. Author index. Keyword index. Series: Automatic Control 1990