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Wiring Systems and Fault Finding - For Installation Electricians

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Wiring Systems and Fault Finding - For Installation Electricians

Brian Scaddan

ISBN 0750659238
Pages 128

Wiring Systems and Fault Finding for Installation Electricians is a handy reference guide that deals with an area of practice which many students and technicians find particularly challenging. The readership of this book includes installation and plumbing contractors, heating engineers, and anyone who needs to be able to trace faults in circuits, whether they be in domestic, commercial or industrial systems. Coverage includes the interpretation of circuit diagrams, wiring systems, and the principles and practice of testing and fault diagnosis. Applications focused on include heating systems and intruder alarms.

The third edition of this popular guide has updated and expanded coverage of testing and fault-finding techniques. New sections cover shock risk, safe isolation, and basic electrical theory. It has also been brought into line with the latest revisions to the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS7671:2001).

Brian Scaddan is a Chief Examiner and Honorary Member of City and Guilds. He has over 30 years' experience in Further Education, and is now Director of Brian Scaddan Associates, Engineering Training Consultants. He is a leading author of books on electrical installation, inspection and testing, including IEE Wiring Regulations: Explained and Illustrated and Electrical Installation Work.

Preface. Diagrams: BS EN 60617 symbols. Diagrams. Circuit convention. Constructing and interpreting circuit diagrams. Heating and ventilation system. Relay logic. Programmable logic controllers. Drawing exercises. Wiring systems: Radial systems. Ring circuits. Distribution systems. Emergency lighting systems. Security and fire alarm systems. Call systems. Motor starter circuits. Central heating systems. Extra low voltage lighting. Domestic telephone systems. Testing and test instruments: Measurement of electrical quantities. Selection of test instruments. Approved test lamps and indicators. Accidental RCD operation. Calibration, zeroing and care of instruments. Continuity of protective conductors. Continuity of ring final circuit conductors. Insulation resistance. Polarity. Earth fault loop impedance. Earth electrode resistance. Functional testing. Prospective short circuit current. Fault finding: Signs and symptoms. Ring and radial socket outlet circuits. Radial circuits feeding fixed equipment. Cable fault location. Emergency lighting. Security and fire alarm systems. Call systems. Central heating systems. Motor starter circuits. Conclusion - and a cautionary tale. Appendix: Shock risk, safe isolation and basic electrical theory. Solutions. Index.