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T Mori & H Kokame., A M J Skulimowski., A G Butkovskiy et al ., V A Sobolev.

ISBN 0080412602
Pages 574

This volume provides a general overview on the state-of-the-art and future developments in automation and control. The application of systems and control in all areas is covered, from the social and cultural effects of control, to control in mineral and metal processing. This volume will be an invaluable source of information to all those interested in the areas of automation and control.

Section headings and selected papers: Control of Electric Generating Plants and Power Systems. Power system dynamics and control. Stability theory of differential/algebraic models of power systems, D J Hill, I A Hiskins & I M Y Mareels. Control of power plants. Computer aided design and documentation of process control systems, E Welfonder. Power system control and optimization. Optimal partnership of operator and computer for power system restoration, J Zaborszky et al . Control of nuclear power plants. Optimal control of load-following maneuvers in a pressurized water reactor, Fuyu Chao & Longzhou Fu. Power system operation and control. Area models representing power system control for large system investigations, T Ostrup. Control in Mineral, Mining and Metal Processing. Control in metal processing. Control in mineral processing. Adaptive filtering and control for mineral processing plants, D Hodouin. Control of Chemical Processes and Processes for Natural Products Like Food, Wood, Agriculture. Control of chemical processes I + II. Control of biotechnical processes. Automatic control application in agriculture. Control System Approach to Development. Strategic Planning of Energy Systems. Modelling, Control and Decision Making in Socio-Economic Systems. Socio-economic systems: modelling. Socio-economic systems: decision making. Socio-economic systems: decision making and control. Automatic Control Education. Social and Cultural Aspects of Automation. Skill-based automation. Designing man and machine compatibility. Improving International Stability. Discussion Session. Summary of the Discussion Session. Series: Automatic Control 1990