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Newnes Building Services Pocket Book

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Newnes Building Services Pocket Book

John Knight, W.P. Jones, Bruce Boulton, Mike James, Andrew Prentice

ISBN 0750657855
Pages 424

Newnes Building Services Pocket Book is a unique compendium of essential data, techniques and procedures, best practice, and underpinning knowledge. This makes it an essential tool for engineers involved in the design and day-to-day running of mechanical services in buildings, and a valuable reference for managers, students and engineers in related fields.

This pocket reference gives the reader access to the knowledge and knowhow of the team of professional engineers who wrote the sixteen chapters that cover all aspects of mechanical building services. Topic coverage includes heating systems, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, fans, ductwork, pipework and plumbing, drainage, and fire protection. The result is a comprehensive guide covering the selection of HVAC systems, and the design process from initial drafts through to implementation.

The second edition builds on the success of this popular guide with references to UK and EU legislation fully updated throughout, and coverage fully in line with the latest CIBSE guides.

Preface; Energy and environmental considerations; Heating system design; Air conditioning and ventilation; Automatic controls; Terminal capacity regulation; Fans and their characteristics; Ductwork design; Refrigeration; Heat rejection; Pipework design for closed water circuits; Fire protection; Coldwater services; Hotwater services; Building drainage; Sanitary plumbing; Roof drainage; Index.