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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

Alan Darbyshire

ISBN 0750657618
Pages 432

This book has been designed as a full programme of study for the most popular mechanical engineering option units followed by students on Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Operations and Maintenance BTEC National Certificate and National Diploma courses. The author has structured the material so that manageable sections of text are complemented by in-text questions and features such as Test Your Knowledge, Key Points and Activity panels, making this an ideal book for student-centred classroom learning and independent study.

Written for the 2002 BTEC National specifications, this book will also be useful as an option unit resource for AVCE.

Alan Darbyshire is a practising FE lecturer and experienced author of textbooks for Intermediate GNVQ and AVCE. As a member of the Edexcel team he drafted several of the mechanical engineering units for the new BTEC National specifications.

Introduction. Mechanical principles: Summary. Engineering structures. Engineering components. Centripetal acceleration and centripetal force. Simple machines. Further mechanical principles: Summary. Selection of standard section structural members. Frictional resistance. Rotational kinetics. Natural vibrations. Mechanical technology: Summary. Lubricants and lubrication systems. Engineering components. Mechanical power transmission systems. Plant equipment and systems. Engineering materials: Summary. Structure and classification of materials. Material properties and effects of processing. Material processing. Selection of engineering materials. Modes of failure. Fluid mechanics: Summary. Hydrostatic systems. Aerodynamics. Thermodynamics: Summary. Expansion and compression of gases. Thermodynamic systems. Combustion of fuels. Properties and use of steam. Index.